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Tsunami Eruption

The Eruption is a 3 IN 1 vaporizer can be used to vape dry herb, wax or oil. It has a 2200 mah battery for longer vaping sessions and it is available in 2 color options to accommodate your style.

Tsunami Shock

The Shock is our newest Premium Vapor Kit which Brings Economic Design to the Vape World. This Device is a Perfect Combination of Comfort, Fashion, and Vapor.

Tsunami Glass Water Pipes

Tsunami Glass Water Pipes Are Now Available, Offering Users a Large Smooth Tasty Hit.

Tsunami Dry Herb Grinder

Our Tsunami Grinder has a unique bowl shape with a magnetic lid connection, which draws more efficiently. It features 28 razor-sharp curved diamond teeth that will shred your herb like you’ve never seen before.

Tsunami Rubber E-Liquid Cases

Take Your E-Liquid With You Everywhere with Our New Rubber E-Liquid Cases For Our 30ML Gourmet E-Liquid Glass Bottles.

Tsunami High Wave

We have now evolved into the next generation of vaping with our device the Tsunami High Wave.  The high wave wax device offers something new to vapors with its glass water bubbler. The high wave microchip supports water vaping, it also has a highly reliable ceramic wax atomizer (donut style) which evenly heats the vape. The 1800 mah battery makes for longer sessions of vaping and the high wave is available in 2 color options to accommodate your style.

Tsunami Quake

The Quake offers a highly reliable long lasting 50 watt box mod. This 2600 mAh battery means for less charging and more vaping. The quake has the latest technology BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomizer in a huge sub ohm tank with dual airflow. The Quake is available in 5 color options to accommodate your style. This light weight Quake design gives users a comfy fit in your hand with amazing vapor production.

Tsunami F3 3 IN 1

The F3 3-in-1 vapor kit by Tsunami is a great introductory product for new vapers. If you are looking for a high-quality triple use vaporizer, the F3 will give you the all in one solution. You can comfortably enjoy your dry herbs, wax concentrates, and oils. This kit includes a super compact battery, a glass dome ceramic chamber wax atomizer, a ceramic chamber for dry herb, a oil tank for vaping oils.

Tsunami Premium Gourmet E-Liquid

Tsunami Gourmet e-liquid line consists of 8 new deliciously authentic flavors with a 70VG/30PG blend. Tsunami Gourmet E-Liquid made in the USA, in a high-grade pharmaceutical lab, using only the finest quality ingredients of flavors and nicotine. Our mission is to provide the best vaping experience possible. This thicker e-liquid is best compatible with sub ohm vapor devices with high wattage capabilities.

Tsunami Typhoon

The Tsunami Typhoon offers a 2200 mAh Li-Polymer Battery allowing you to vape longer. This durable device is capable of delivering the finest dry herb vapor production on the market with it’s advanced temperature control settings and ceramic heating chamber. This digital baking vaporizer heats up within 30 seconds ready for vaping. The sleek design is available in 3 colors to customize your vaping experience.


Disposable E-Cigs are rated one of the leading ecigs and E-Hookahs in the market. The Electronic cigarettes are available in three different nicotine levels for the tobacco ecigs, and menthol ecigs.


The 1000X Kit is The smallest Vapor kit in the Tsunami Family. It has a 650 mAh battery, and a 1.6 ml Tank. providing smooth usability, and durability in one compact design.


Another great option from the Tsunami Premium Vaporizer family with a 2.4ml Tank that holds enough liquid for a full day, and a battery life indicator letting you know when you should charge it.

V-Power Variable Voltage Vapor Kit
V-Power Variable Voltage Vapor Kit

The V-Power offers a durable long lasting battery with a highly reliable dual coil (dual atomizer) tank. The V-Power is available in 6 color options to accommodate your style. The V-Power gives users the best of both worlds, offering big power in a compact unit.

Thunder Vapor Kit
Thunder Vapor Kit

The Tsunami Thunder offers a 2200 mAh Samsung Certified long lasting battery that goes into a state of art Mod capable of delivering variable wattage output to customize your vaping experience. With a highly reliable optional single or dual coil (dual atomizer) Mega tank

Premium E-Liquid
Premium E-Liquid

Our Tsunami E-liquid Vapor Liquid is made in a professional environment, and contains 70% PG / 30% VG optimized for the most vapor and flavor. Our E-juice is compatible with many of the rechargeable vapor device vapor cigarettes and vapor pens.