1.) Make sure Battery is charged
2.) Activate by pressing 5 times in row
3.) Make sure USB & Wall chargers light up
4.) See Warranty information

First put the battery into the tank, remove plastic Black tip ( Unscrew and Pull) Now refill into the tank (NOTE: Avoid hole in the middle) Tilt the unit slightly, pour Tsunami® E-Liquid into tank, avoid center needle hole to avoid leaking. Put cap back on. Activate button by pressing 5 times. Press & hold- The light will come on- Ready to inhale.

Simply press the button 5 times to unlock and 5 times to lock.

Screw battery into USB Charger (NOTE: Make sure it’s completely screwed in, Plug in-Red Light will come on, you know its charging now.)When fully charged, Greed light will come on.

Tank should be replaced after you notice fewer vapors you’re inhaling. The average is about 1-2 Months, depending on how much you smoke.

A much thinner liquid which gives you a stronger vapor- PG produces more throat vapor which stimulates the feel of smoking vapor.

No, that is not necessary. But if you choose to, you can rinse the tank but avoid getting water into the middle hole, make sure the tank is dry before use.

1.) Make sure battery is lighting up
2.) Is there E-Liquid in the tank
3.) Make sure button is held down with the light on while inhaling

This means your unit needs to be charged

Depends on how often you use it but average should last 2 days

Depends how much you use it average is 300 times which is 300 Charges.

When you screw in the battery – Red light should be on Charger and will turn green when fully charged.